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Controversial “Natural Cures” Author Has Strong Following With Type 2 Diabetics

On the flip side, doctors usually reject anything natural, herbal or homeopathic as “snake oil”. Even when medical community evidence proves otherwise, doctors prefer the more expensive, pharma remedy. On the other side is one of the world’s most commonly used and effective medicines is aspirin, a “natural cure” that comes from the bark of a willow tree. Get more for information

When a person is diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes, their doctor usually prescribed a ‘diet and exercise’ regimen to control their condition. Physicians give their diabetic patients little hope of recovery, few promises or belief in a restoration of their prior healthy selves.

Yet despite modern scientific evidence supporting its benefits, the established medical community has been slow to embrace this herbal remedy.

Mr. Trudeau’s best-seller had the established medical community up in arms when it was first published several years ago.

Critics charged that his holistic-based remedies were simplistic and, possibly dangerous.

We’re not passing judgment on the Natural Cures books. But repeatedly, the established medical world has turned their back on anything that doesn’t come from a large, well-known pharmaceutical company.

We talk with these people daily and hear the same complaints over and over. The established medical community tells their patients that they’re ‘incurable’. Mr. Trudeau says that’s not necessarily true and gives them specific, non-prescription places to go to find remedies to restore themselves.

When this ancient ‘folk medicine’ was subjected to rigorous scientific scrutiny at Harvard and other respected medical centers, it helped overweight or obese study participants to lose fatty weight, lower cholesterol and blood sugar levels – three chronic problems among Type 2 diabetics.

Mornings, noon and night, the half hour Natural Cures infomercial airs, with its host, author Kevin Trudeau, hawking his book series, Natural Cures.

Unfortunately, there have been too many health risks and warnings about prescription products for diabetics to place their faith in them.

Until the medical community in the United States overcomes their unscientific bias in favor of pharmaceutical industry and starts taking a critical look at natural remedies, people will continue to follow the advice of Kevin Trudeau, instead of their own doctors.

Based on calls we receive from Type 2 diabetics on a daily basis, they’re not just buying his book, but strongly subscribing to his advice. Here’s why.

Here’s an example. For centuries, people in India have known of a wild growing ‘magic pumpkin’ called garcinia cambogia that’s been used to control appetite and weight gain.
It’s relatively cheap, natural and has no known side effects.

Most patients leave the doctor’s office feeling depressed and hopeless. They return home, turn on their television sets and see Kevin Trudeau selling a message of hope. They’ve found a health messiah – someone who believes in their future.

You’ll find his TV show playing on more cable channels than I Love Lucy reruns.

But over 5 million people begged to differ with traditional healthcare professionals and bought his book.

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